Addressing Student Technology Use and Integrity Issues
Devin Rubadeau

As a recent article in The Globe and Mail reported, the average attention span for humans has dropped by 33% between 2000 and 2013 (putting humans one second below goldfish) and our connected devices are the prime suspect. Additionally, smart phones, wearables and other connected devices create new and more sophisticated ways for students to access and share information during exams and on assignments. At this session, we will discuss what strategies have been tried and are available to address the challenges of students who have grown up in the interconnected, digital world?

Engaging Generation Z
Robert Ryan, CPA, CGA, B.A.

The first of Generation Z students are now entering college. This age cohort embraces social learning conditions. They are looking for hands-on experiences and they want to be directly engaged in their learning processes. They expect their education to include on-demand engagement as learning isn’t limited to just the classroom; it can take place at any time, anywhere, and in an array of methods. Additionally, they are far more career-focused and determined from the start of their college years, than recent generations of students. During this session we will discuss these and other observations about this generation as it presents new challenges to post-secondary Educators.

Creativity: Thoughts, Ideas, and Inspirations
Marie Bartlett, MA

This hands-on, interactive workshop examines creativity and its space in and out of the classroom.
We will look at imagination, knowledge, attitudes and culture and how they, among other factors, influence creativity and innovation.